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Egg less cake

Ingredients :

1 cup flour (maida)
3/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup yogurt
1/2 cup white butter or unsalted butter
(The yogurt and white butter are the special ingredients here, they are used instead of the egg since we are going to just microwave the cake, ie cook it and not bake it. If we had to use eggs in this recipe, they would not get cooked as fast as the butter and yogurt.)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp soda-bi-carb
5 tbsp milk (or as much you need for the ribbon consistency)
2 tbsp coco powder (for the chocolate flavour)
1 tbsp coffee (not necessary, if you want you can replace it with any other flavour or just drop it completely)
For the first time if you feel like just stick to the basic recipe of 2 spoons coco for a plain chocolate cake. I tend to add more than 2 spoons of coco since I like it a little bitter, you can also add some walnuts or roasted almonds or a nuts and raisin all works!!
Sieve the flour, cocoa powder ,soda-bi-carb ,baking powder in a bowl.
In another bowl beat curd, butter and sugar till fluffy.
The more you beat these, the fluffier and softer your cake will turn out. So if you have a little extra time, keep beating, if you don't, its okey, your cake will anyways turn out real good. Now add the flour mix ie the contents of bowl one (from step 1) to the beaten curd-butter-sugar mixture slowly. Take care not to form any lumps.
Add milk. Stir properly. Check the consistency of the batter by dropping it with a spoon from a height. If it's too thick, add some more milk till you get a smooth flowing ribbon consistency.
Pour the batter in a greased microwave safe dish. (You can line your container with some dry flour so that the cake does not stick to it once done).
[Step 6 is what makes this my favourite cake recpie ] Put in the microwave for 7-8 mins at 540 degree C.
No grill or convention needed. Just put the cake in, set time and temperature. Start.
Except for the above step the procedure is pretty much the same as in all other cakes. Check if the cake is done by sticking a knife into the cake, if it comes out clean, let the cake cool. If some batter sticks to the knife, cook it for another minute or two.
Cool and garnish with your favourite icing and fruits. Or you might want to try it without the icing, just some simple decoration. I just pour lots of chocolate syrup over it. You can decorate it anyway you wish. Add some sprinklers for some fun and colours, if you are making it for kids.
Its really easy, fast and fun. I hope you like it as much as I do!


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