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Spicy black bean sandwich

Ingredients for the sandwich:

•cucumber, tomato and red onion- cut in round circle
•tomato ketchup or tomato hot & sweet sauce(available in the Indian store)
•few pickles
•spicy black bean pattie and
•sandwich buns

Microwave the pattie for a minute. Take a non stick pan, grease it and cook the pattie for about thirty seconds on each side.

Toast the sandwich bun, apply mayonnaise and some ketchup on both sides. Put the pattie, cucumbers, tomato and onion with some salt and pepper and finish it of with few lettuce leaves and pickle on the side.

Potato fries:

Wash, peel and cut the potato into long thin wedges. Take a non stick pan, add two teaspoons of oil. Once the oil is hot enough add the potato with some salt and cook them in medium heat. When they are almost done, add some chillie powder, salt and turn the heat off.


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