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Mixed nuts & dates laddu


• Chopped dry dates- 1cup
• lightly Toasted almonds- 1/4th cup
• lightly Toasted cashew- 1/4th cup
• lightly Toasted Dry coconut- 3 tbsps
• lightly Toasted poppy seeds(gasalu)- 2 tbsps
• Golden raisins- 1/4th cup
• Cardamom- 6
• Grated jaggery- 2 to 3 tbsps(adjust according to your taste)

First grind the poppy seeds in a mixer. Transfer it to a large mixing bowl.
Now grind cashews, almonds, coconut,cardamom and jaggery to a fine powder. Remove this mixture and grind the dates to fine powder. Now transfer the rest of the ingredients that were ground and grind it again.Heat few teaspoons of ghee, add raisins and fry till golden brown. Mix this to the above ingredients and try making a laddoo. If needed add more ghee to this mixture till you can mold it in the form of laddoo.
Note: Its important to grind the poppy seeds seperately, because it takes more time to grind.And also cutting the dates to small pieces helps it to grind fast.


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