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Indian vegetable soup


•1 small potato that is peeled and diced small.
•1 small carrot that is peeled and diced into small pieces
•1 medium sized beet root that is also diced
•1 turnip that is peeled and diced small
•1 small onion which is chopped into fine pieces.
•Other vegetables that can be cut into small pieces can be added to the recipe.
•Some cumin
•4 cups of water.
•1 tablespoon of butter.
The recipe can be modified according to the needs of the child by reducing or adding vegetables and also using ground vegetables instead of diced vegetables. The butter is melted and heated in a pan and then the cumin seeds are added to it.

To the above, add the vegetables and then add the water. The vegetables should boil in the water and butter till it is very soft.


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