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Tomato and onion yougurt chutney

* Tomatoes - 3 medium sized
* Onion - 1 medium sized
* Plain yogurt - 2 cups
* Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
* Oil - 1 tsp
* Mustard seeds - 1tsp
* Cumin seeds - 1tsp
* Curry leaves - 1 sprig(optional)
* Dried red chili - 1 no(optional)
* Salt - acc to your taste

Chop onion and tomatoes into thin long strips.

Heat oil in a pan. Add the cumin and mustard seeds, when the seeds start sputtering add in the dried red chili and curry leaves.

Add the chopped onion and tomatoes to the pan along with turmeric and salt. Fry them until the water generated is completely evaporated. Let it cool off a bit. Add it to the yogurt.

Serve it with white rice/roti. This can also be used as a dip.

Now coming to the title: Bright red == tomatoes and tears == onion :-)


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