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Sheer Korma

Ingredients :
Vermicelli - 100gms
Milk - 1.5litre
Sugar - 250gms
Chopped cashew nuts - 50gms
Chopped almonds - 50gms
Chopped dates - 50gms
Powdered cardamom - 6nos
Butter - 4tsp
Water - 250ml

Method of Preparation :

Fry nuts in 2tsp butter till light golden colour, drain and keep aside. Fry vermicelli in the remaining butter until golden brown. Make a sugar syrup (one string consistency).Boil the milk until it is thickened to half the quantity. Add the fried vermicelli to the milk and cook. Do not allow lumps to form. Add sugar syrup and cook for a while until it comes to a homogeneous consistency. Sprinkle cardamom powder. Garnish with fried nuts.Serve hot or refrigerated


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