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Puffed rice snack (Borugulu or maramaralu mixture)


•puffed rice ( borugulu or maramaralu)
•red onion
•grated carrot
•chopped cilantro
•lemon juice
•red chillie powder
•salt and some hot & spicy peanuts

I am not giving the exact measurements because, you can add them according to your taste.

•First lightly toast the puffed rice for a minute, i do this to make it nice and crisp.
• Then take a big bowl, add the puffed rice, few teaspoons of oil and mix well.
•Now add salt and the chillie powder. The oil makes the salt and the chillie powder stick to it, without the oil the salt and chillie powder just settles in the bottom.
•Add red onion (not too much), tomato, grated carrot, cilantro and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
•Taste and reseason accordingly. Serve it, topped with some hot and spicy peanuts.


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