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Berakaya Egg Curry


Ridge gourds(beerakaya)---2
Eggs--3 onion---1
largegreen chillies---3 to 4
red chilli powder(kaaram)---1tbsp
salt---as required
coriander powder(daniyala Podi)---1tbsp
coriander leaves(kottimeera)


*Take the ridge gourds(beerakaya) and peel them.
*Clean them and cut into small pieces.
*Now take a pan , pour oil of 3-4 tbsp and heat it.
*Add the jeera(jeelakarra) ,chopped onions and then the green chillies.
*cover the pan with a lid and let the ridge gourd(beerakaya) get cooked.
*After it is cooked add the red chilli powder and salt.
*Now break the eggs in a bowl and beat them properly.
*Add the eggs to the ridge gourd(beerakaya) in the pan and cover with lid.
*After 3-5 minutes stir the curry properly.
*After the eggs are cooked properly add the coriander powder(daniyala Podi) and coriander leaves(kottimeera).
*Now our curry is ready.It tastes great with rice,chapathi.


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